Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tune in for free and Join us Today!

At Infinite Web Income, we believe in giving and that's why we are giving you the opportunity to tune in to our webinar for free! The time is now to start your own internet business and we want to give you a kick start guide on how you can succeed in making money online.

Remember this is a new ground floor opportunity, and best of all you can join for free! Find out how members are already making money and how you can too! Tune in now and join us today. Come know you want to! You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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Monday, June 1, 2009

It's June 1st! Infinite Web Income is Officially Launched

After all the buzz and special offers, we are going wide and public - IWI has launched!

The best news is that the program has ALREADY generated additional income for some of our Platinum members. Money is flowing!

Even better news is that during the pre-launch IWI has managed to gather together not only free members, but also considerable number of really talented and energetic business partners who are already building their own teams of free members and earning up to 75% per every sale. Lucky ducks!

Congratulations, guys! This is truly YOUR success we are celebrating today! And it makes us stronger with every day we work together.

Ok, ok, we know we are getting emotional here, we didn't plan to include this in the official launch announcement but the excitement took over this morning :) So, cooling our jets and getting back to the official launch message :) -

We want you to know that Infinite Web Income began as the simple idea that EVERYONE needs an opportunity to make real income online and create additional income streams for their existing businesses. As it grew we have focused the program on the concept of WORKING SMART NOT HARD.

And this is the basis of all the amazing IWI products and features such as these couple of things which we have launched and still developing and enhancing:

  • Access to tons and tons of resources from the vast members-only training library put together by our Internet Marketing coaches and highly respected 3rd party experts
  • Fully setup and tested income generation process
  • Advanced list building options available for every single member
  • Fresh resale-rights products readily available for members' use
  • Viral marketing and business tools
  • Professional members only Joint Venture and Special Offers Zone as additional means to expand our members client base
  • Smart outsourcing schemes to help our members work smart, not hard
  • Weekly pro training sessions and regular introductions to new tools and real life techniques designed and tested by our team on the regular basis
  • Immediate assistance and support from highly qualified stuff and personal sales executives who are keeping our members accountable for success

And yeah, what can be better than simple steps setup and immediate FREE opportunity to start earning money right away!

With all the value we have put into the program YOU reap the rewards of OUR efforts. That's right - we build models, resources and tools, you use them and make money! Simple as that.

If you are not already a member, don’t miss out on getting in on the ground floor of this tremendously exciting opportunity! We could have removed the option to join the program for free on the launch day, but we follow our fundamental belief - EVERYONE needs an opportunity to earn money online, so don't be shy, come and join for free, you deserve it! 

With IWI you have no other option but to succeed...Because we care!

As always if you have any questions or for immediate support, get in touch with us at

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's Official! Read Our Press Release

Hi Friends!

Guess what? guessed it! Infinite Web Income's Business Program will be officially launched on June 1st! 

We are so excited about it that we wanted to let you have a look at our latest Press Release

We also want to let you know that this is your absolute LAST chance to take advantage of the special pre-launch offer! Pre-Launch pricing and $5000 bonuses will be gone June 1st! So act now before it's gone...

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Want to Succeed at Social Marketing? Maybe a shorter URL is the key!

In my usual reading on the latest trends, tips in the industry today, I found the following article to be an interesting read and I wanted to take this opportunity to share the knowledge.

The article in question is by Gary Stein and it truly hits the nail on the head when it comes to Social Marketing and URL lengths. He pointed out that not only is URL shortening helpful when it comes to using social networking sites like Twitter (with their classic 140 character limit), but it is absolutely critical to successful social marketing! 

How could something so (seemingly) insignificant be so important? You might be surprised at the answer! Stein, reveals that increasingly popular sites like not only shorten URLs but give marketers the ability to create unique urls which can then be tracked. How's that for social marketing?!

Why not give it a try the next time you tweet?


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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Free Seminar - Internet Marketing Training & Business Opportunity

We at Infinite Web Success are proud to announce a Free seminar hosted by none other than Internet Marketing Coach and Inspirational Speaker, Paul Tobey!

Paul addresses the fact that often people find it hard to start their own internet businesses even after taking courses either because they don't have any products and services of their own to sell...and/or...they don't have enough time to implement the necessary strategies that one needs to be successful online.

At this exciting event, Paul will focus on key topics such as generating income online, and owning an internet business, to top marketing tips on how to get started. 

It will be a full day of internet marketing strategies that will give you the tools and knowledge to be a part of a newly launched "ground floor business opportunity that comes around only once or twice in a lifetime"! 

You will learn the "how" to applying what you learn into making real income online from your real business offered by the Infinite Web Income program. And once again, it's FREE!

Here's an inside look at the topics that will be dicussed and what you will learn:

Morning Session

  • How to quickly research your target market
  • What is the best way to drive highly targeted traffic to your website
  • Conversion strategies used by the world's top internet marketers
  • How to successfully work from home in an internet business

Afternoon Session

In this session session you will learn about a ground floor internet business opportunity entitled "Infinite Web Income" (IWI) which utilizes all the best internet marketing principles to start you off immediately in your own online business. The topics to be discussed will be:

  • How IWI can provide you with the tools and knowledge that you need to succeed online.
  • How the IWI business opportunity can help you to earn a substantial income within a few short months.
  • How the IWI compensation plan is structured to get you the most income possible.
  • And much more...This event could very well change your life.
Exciting Business Opportunity!

Infinite Web Income continues to provide the best value and opportunity for our members. Not only do you get free access to this incredible seminar, but we have set it up so you can promote it and profit.

Just tell your friends and colleagues, and list and invite them to this event. If they attend through your efforts, they can access the seminar for free as well. In addition, if they purchase a membership from the seminar, you will get credit for that sale.

You do not need to attend the seminar to take advantage of this offer, but you do need to send them to the blog first.

Not sure what this means? Contact us

Here's your first chance of many, to reap the rewards of being an Infinite Web Income member and profiting from this event.

Dates & Times To Remember

If we have succeeded in peaking your interest, this event will take place this Friday, 22nd May starting @ 9am. It will be held at the Markam Holiday Inn, North Toronto, Canada.   

Claim Your Free Tickets

For more information and to claim your free tickets to this event visit us here. Hope to see you there!

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Monday, May 18, 2009

New Squidoo Lens Talks Success, Special Pre-Launch Offer

We have some exciting news! We just published another squidoo lens. If you've ever wanted to make money online and have your own internet business, we are offering you the opportunity to do so at a ridiculously low price, and you get exclusive coaching too! Find out about the program's success and how you can be a part of it by visiting our new lens. Feel free to drop us a note and let us know what you think! See you there...


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Thursday, May 14, 2009 and the New Social Networking Trend

Here's an interesting article by Liz McMillan for those of you wanting to capitalize on the increasingly popular Mobile Social Networking trend.

In this article she highlights some amazing statistics that by the year 2012 over 800 million people around the world will be engaging in a social network via their mobile phones! What's even more astounding is that it is estimated that "the global social networking market will grow to a massive $28.9 billion for revenues generated from all business models in this industry by 2012." Now that's a lot of money!

With the technology created by and popular online social networks like Twitter and Facebook this trend is definitely on its way up.

Hope you enjoy reading this article as much as I did and can take advantage of this exciting opportunity.

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